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Eastern Flooring – Encore Plus

30 Year Residential Warranty!


Colors: Cool Ash and Mustang

Retail Price $2.99 sq. ft. We are stocking Cool Ash & Mustang at $1.88 sq. ft.

Vacuum, dust mop (dry) and when necessary, clean with a MOIST (not wet) cloth or mop. NEVER USE wet cleaning tools and cleaners, soaps, floor polish, floor cleaning wax, oil soaps, etc. These products can damage and/or leave a film on the flooring.

  • Use felt tip protectors
  • Area rug use is recommended
  • Keep animal nails trimmed
  • Never slide furniture across floor without pads
  • Keep floors clean
  • Never use water or wet type cleaning tools

Style Name: Encore Plus
Color Options: Cool Ash, Mustang
AC Rating: AC-3
Thickness: 8 mm + 2 mm pad
Dimensions: 54.45”x6.25”
Installation: Floating (Angle/Fold Locking System)
Packaging: 18.94 sq.ft./carton, 8 planks per carton
Warranty: 30 Year Residential, 5 year Commercial

  • 30 Year Residential, 5 year Commercial Warranty
  • 5 Years Light to Medium Commercial Warranty

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