Hardwood flooring

No home furnishing exudes comfort and warmth like hardwood floors. Hardwood is cherished because it creates a unique feeling of home and a warm ambiance. There is a rich selection of textures, colors, and wood species that will complement every room décor and decorating style.

Hardwood flooring has natural beauty that is unmatched, and comes in many different finishes, widths, thicknesses and species.

Flooring RVA offers a wide range of engineered hardwood as well as solid hardwood flooring, prefinished or finished in place. Let us help you choose the right one for your space.

Color of hardwood

Hardwood is a natural material that varies in tone and color. Board-to-board variation is very pronounced in some species. If you like contrasting dark and light tones, choose a species that offers color variation. If your preference is consistent color, select a species with little color variation.

Domestic wood species such as oak and maple are popular hardwood selections. They are ideal for traditional settings, and complement existing furniture and cabinets. There are some exceptions, but as a rule, domestic species have light color tones.

Exotic species of hardwood tend to have unusual grain patterns and color varies from board-to-board. Homeowners who opt for exotic hardwood often do so because it offers a one-of-a-kind appearance. Brazilian cherry, mahogany, and tigerwood are noted exotic hardwood species.

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Hardness of hardwood

Some people choose hardwood based upon the density and hardness of a species. Pets, children, and foot traffic impact the wear performance of hardwood. Resilient oak is used by the hardwood industry as the benchmark of strength.

Oak is often the domestic species choice of hardwood when wear-performance is a factor. Exotic wood species, typically, score higher on the industry's hardness scale than domestic species. Exotic hardwood is equally beautiful in modern, elegant, or casual settings.

Width of hardwood

In addition to texture and color, board width affects the look of a hardwood floor. Wide width planks with distinctive grain patterns are trends in both domestic and exotic species of hardwood. Wide widths are stylish and considered high-end décor.

The popularity of wide widths is increasing. There has been an expansion in the use of wide width hardwood. For years, wide widths were used primarily in rustic settings. They now add a natural element to a contemporary space.

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