Carpet installation

There are many factors to consider in the selection of carpet. The environment, whether commercial or residential, along with individual preferences, such as aesthetics, cost, durability, and resilience are crucial aspects.

Choosing a carpet that fits the space from the visual standpoint, as well as how the area is utilized is important. That is what Flooring RVA uses to decide the fiber system, pattern, and construction of carpet to recommend.

Each type of fiber has specific characteristics. In commercial interior applications, nylon is the most common synthetic carpet fiber. Olefin and polyester are not as durable in demanding end-use areas. Polyester and Olefin are popular choices for residential carpet.

Carpet can add comfort, warmth & style to any room! There are a number of factors to consider when selecting your carpet. Flooring RVA's experts can suggest the package that is best suited in style, feel, durability, and price for your project. Contact us today to set up a time and come in to our showroom or request a free in-home estimate!

Nylon, polyester and olefin carpet

About 90 percent of residential carpet consists polyester and olefin fibers. They are equally attractive. Polyester is not as durable as nylon, but has a high-luster appearance that translates into vibrant, colored carpet.

Nylon carpet finishes are matte. Nylon performs better than polyester carpet. Nylon is perfect for high-traffic areas and consumers wanting longevity from their carpet choice.

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