When you need the best color for new floors in your bedroom, you have some options. Color is a vital part of each design, so it only makes sense to start with flooring.

Color can change the look and emotion of any room, so you can create the space you want. And here are some great ideas for your bedroom's floor colors.

Staying current with today's trends

Many floors offer trending colors that could keep you current for years to come. One of the most popular is gray, which comes in various shades.

Both light and dark gray, as well as new floors with high variation, are hot right now. But gray isn't the only attractive color option.

Blue is also a big deal, giving you a neutral color surface that doesn't overwhelm the space. And like gray, there are several hues to choose from.

Other considerations could change things

Other trends can affect the way colors look, including texture trends. For example, distressed or vintage textures often call for muted tones that look worn.

A bleached and beachy whitewash trend also brings in precise colors. And all these bring beautiful results that cater to your needs.

At our flooring company, you can choose a color based on your favorites. Then, your favorite color is transformed into a wealth of trends for great results.

We have the color you want and need

When you visit Flooring RVA, you'll find a great selection of flooring and colors. Our associates will work alongside you for your best bedroom color experience.

We'll help bring your project to life regardless of your preferred options. So get started today by sharing your vision with us.

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